Welcome to The Gauge!

The Gauge is a new grass roots radio station in Michigan created to showcase Michigan's independent musicians and bands' original music. If you own the copyright, we welcome you to submit your music of any genre to help us launch this long needed station! Soon we want to be able to conduct interviews and stream live music remotely from your shows and our studio. But, for now we are concentrating on curating a great collection of Michigan Made Music and building a schedule complete with great shows for different genres!

Submit Your Made in Michigan Music

If you would like to provide your fresh independent content to The Gauge, make sure your music is "clean" and free of swearing etc, or we can't play it. Rock, Blues, Jazz, Folk, Rhythm & Blues, and Country are all genres we welcome! Let's show America what Michigan has to offer!

We want The Gauge to be the place to hear all of the great independent music that is Made in Michigan.

Also, if you do a regular talk show or podcast that pertains to Michigan, or the Michigan music scene, we would like to hear about it for possible inclusion.

How to Submit Your Music to The Gauge

As long as you own the rights to your music (you wrote it, or it's copyrighted in your name), and you are not signed with a label, please submit your music in one of the following ways:

1. Email a Download Link

Email us a download link so we can download your songs in .mp3 format. Send the link to submit@gaugeradio.org. Please include written permission of the copyright holders for us to play it on The Gauge.

2. Email with .mp3 Attachments

Submit your best song files (.mp3 format) to submit@gaugeradio.org. Please include written permission of the copyright holders for us to play it on The Gauge.

Don't Forget!

Include album cover art and a link to your website, or Itunes, Amazon, or Bandcamp where listeners can buy or download your music!

We listen to every single submission

Although not all submissions can be selected, if your music is selected for airplay on The Gauge, you will receive an email to that effect. Also, we will add a post to our Facebook page welcoming you to The Gauge. Rock On Michigan!

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